The sweepstakes may be over, but you can still hit a home run with Lotte New York Palace! 

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The Game Has Ended

This sweepstakes is over, but you’re not out yet.

Make your next visit to New York a homerun when you stay at Lotte New York Palace. We’ve partnered with the New York Yankees to deliver an unforgettable experience: the Palace Pinstripe hotel package.

From now until October 1, your stay at The Palace will include:

  • Up to 50% off tickets to a New York Yankees game
  • 10% off select accommodations, with up to 25% off suites
  • Welcome gifts from the New York Yankees including 2 baseball caps, a Yankees magazine, and more
  • Two complimentary beers at any of the beverage outlets at The Palace
  • Two pairs of limited-edition Palace sunglasses

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